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Rapid removal technology and equipment of overweight curved beam bridge Technology introduction: This technology has been applied to the rapid demolition of beam body of the span of BDLK1-3 (3*33m) of the viaduct of Beidi Road at the entrance of highway S26 to Shanghai city, which realized the rapid demolition of superstructure of 3000-ton of curved slope beam bridge in an hour. It achieved the beneficial effects of safety, low traffic impact, energy conservation, environmental protection and quality and efficiency enhancement. It brought remarkable social economic benefits and effectively alleviated the contradiction between bridge demolition at key crossroads in Shanghai and the overall traffic operation goals. It has wide adaptability and versatility and can be used for rapid construction, demolition, replacement and transposition of bridge and large-scale structure. It is also suitable for the rapid demolition of whole span or integrated beam bridges, alleviating the traffic jam on urban highways, ensuring the safety of structure, construction, transportation and environment, and promoting scientific and technological progress and industrial transformation and upgrading.
Full span shifting-down demolition technology of uniform cross-section concrete continuous girder bridge Technology introduction: This technology conforms to the construction concept of new era, "People-oriented, green and environmental protection", and systematically solves the technical difficulties of demolition, lifting, transporting, debarkation and safety control of concrete box girder bridge, which provides complete set of technology for security evaluation, structure design, scientific construction and safety control of the demolition of curve girder with equivalent section and straight girder bridge under complex situations (e.g. no interrupting traffic around the bridge during construction; there is no enough space for lifting nearby the target bridge; there is no large lifting equipment in the construction site; the target bridge's headroom is too high), and also provides a complete set of theory and methods for the lifting, jacking and dismantling of the same or different kind of bridge as a reference, which is of good application and promotion prospect and potential huge social economic benefits.
The key technology about maintenance and reinforcement for Important Historical Monuments under Special Preservation of Lanzhou Yellow River Steel BridgeInnovations: (1) Based on the concepts of relic protection and bridge usability enhancement, to respond the needs of flood control grade and seismic capacity of the key cultural relics site under the state protection, Lanzhou Yellow River Iron Bridge, the basic principles and implementation plans of antique bridge maintenance and reinforcement, "repair as it was" and "landscape coordination", were put forward. (2) In the situation of shallow but strong current, the new technology of reinforcement of existing bridge was developed; with the help of pier guide frame, under complex conditions, the complete set of design-construction technology that, in the state of suspending, assembling the steel cofferdam of the antique bridge at the external of the pier was put forward. The construction technology of installing double-walled steel cofferdam and compound cofferdam, “excavate the pebble riverbed at external of the bridge pier before sinking”, was developed; the "sand and gravel dredger" was developed for excavating sand and gravel in the river with shallow but strong current. The reinforcement construction technologies of constructing seismic work and durability work of antique piers and constructing the work of maintaining the appearance of relics, under complex conditions, were also formed. (3) By the experiment of steel impact toughness, fatigue crack growth rate and riveted detail fatigue of Lanzhou Yellow River Iron Bridge, the fatigue crack performance evaluation index of antique steel bridge was confirmed; based on the boundary conditions of construction, the carrying capacity and seismic safety evaluation models of antique bridge were built and its remaining life evaluation method was also formed. (4) The synchronous lift technical system, technology and control methods of multi-span steel bridge were studied and established.
Safety control technology for slope adjustment and jacking-up of girder bridge with large heightTechnology introduction: This technology has created the highest international record of 6-span simply-supported girder bridge slope-change jacking and the highest international record of 4-span straight web curved continuous girder bridge (R=255m) double grade-of-deck jacking, which systematically ensured the structure safety, construction safety, traffic safety and environment safety of the super-elevation double slope-change jacking of bridges ( simply-supported girder and continuous girder ) and realized reuse of old bridge resources. It is general technology which is safe, undamaged, energy-saving and environmental, possessing wide adaptability and versatility, especially suitable for the jacking construction of bridge girder in the jacking range of 5~15m. It possesses very remarkable social benefit on the aspect of traffic jam remission, rational use of resources and environmental protection.
Complete technology of stayed cable replacement under uninterrupted traffic conditionsTechnology introduction: This technology is applied in many projects, solving the safety problems of construction operation under the situation of not interrupting the traffic and the evaluation problems of cable-stayed bridge structure condition and breakthrough the limitation of cable replacement under the conditions of traffic-closing. It not only ensures the construction quality and safety, high precision of control and the safety of framing process, but also ensures the normal traffic for vehicles on the bridge, saving the construction period and construction cost, having remarkable economic and social benefit and promoting the technology level of cable replacement of cable-stayed bridge.
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