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Soft Soil Foundation Processing Projects

Regarding soft soil foundation treatment engineering, we have completed hundreds of similar projects concerning vacuum preloading, surcharge preloading, dewatering preloading, vacuum-surcharge combined preloading, dewatering consolidation, vibroflotation, composite foundation, CFG pile, vertical impervious wall, mixing pile, sand compaction pile, slope protection, etc. Many fields are involved , such as port, road, municipal works, water resources and hydropower, industrial and civil buildings, which have achieved remarkable performance. The patent method developed by our company under joint cooperation with the member of Geological Engineering Committee of China, named "Compound Force Drainage Consolidation Method", has been successfully applied in soft foundation treatment in many key projects in Shandong, Shanghai, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Fujian, and other cities, which have been highly appraised by the design parties and employers, our company also possesses 7nos of National Patent Invention Certificate. Since 2008, our company has carried out general technological exchange and cooperation with South Korea Harbor Technology Co., Ltd. We have become its only mainland partner on "Method of Treating Soft Foundation Surface with Bamboo Mesh". The method is very suitable to fast consolidation of coastal fresh hydraulic fill ultra-soft soil.