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Anti-seismic Rescue Project of Xiaozongqu Min River Bridge of Mao County

The Xiaozongqu Min River Bridge in Mao County of Aba autonomous prefecture in Sichuan is located on the G213 National Road. It is the only passage from Wenchuan to Mao County. The bridge is a light truss arch bridge over Min River with a main span of 80m.

During the earthquake in 2008, there were serious damages in the side abutment of the bridge and in the front grouted cobble wall. After having been checked by the experts from Ministry of Transport, it was identified as a dangerous bridge.

After the earthquake, quickly, our company used the auto-placing hollow anchor rod to make rapid and effective rescue and reinforcement through many methods of reinforcement such as pouring cement paste on the abutment of Mao County, which have had a very good effect, and thus guaranteed the safety of rescue lifeline.