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Professional Maintenance Projects of Bridges on Wuhu-Xuancheng and Lushan-Tongling Expressways in Anhui Province

Wuhu-Xuancheng Expressway starts from the south bank connection road of Wuhu Yangtze River Bridge and ends at the junction with South Ring Expressway of Xuancheng, with a total length of 56680m. There are a total of 72 bridges, including 53 main line bridges and 19 overpass bridges.

Lushan-Tongling Expressway is connected with He’an Expressway (Shanghai-Chengdu National Road Trunk Line) on the north and connected with Yanjiang, Tonghuang Expressway on the south. It is about 73206m long with 184 bridges, including 2 extra-large bridges, 67 middle-large bridges and 115 small bridges.