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JG1, JG3 section, bridge reinforcement and reconstruction project on the Shijiazhuang to Cixian (Yuyujie) highway

The project starts from Pengjiazhuang, Yucheng, Shijiazhuang City, and is planned to be renovated and expanded from Zhangzhou (Jingji Jie) to Shijiazhuang Expressway. It ends at Zhicun Village (JiYu Jie) in Linyi County, and has been completed and renovated in Anyang, Henan Province (JiYu Jie) to Xinxiang Expressway, with a total length of 209.81km. Among which, the starting point to the West Fengsi Interchange section 44.80 km for the new construction, the West Fengsi Interchange to the end of 165.01 km for reconstruction and expansion basing on the existing highway. The JG1 and JG3 sections are the reconstruction and extension basing on the existing bridges. JG1 has a total length of 40.135KM, including 4 special bridges, 4 large and medium bridges, 35 small bridges and 46 culvert passages. JG3 has a total length of 65.18KM, including 2 special bridges, 3 large and medium bridges, 24 small bridges and 108 culvert passages.