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Ezhou Xuguang Bridge Renovation Project

The Xuguang Bridge site is located in Dushan Town, West New District, Ezhou City. It belongs to the secondary road that also serves as municipal road. The renovation project is mainly the demolition of the existing old bridge and new construction of the Xuguang Bridge route. The length of the newly built Xuguang Bridge is 0.853km. There are mainly 172m/1 bridge on the whole line, 2 plane intersections, 1 channel and connecting lines at both ends. The navigation level of the newly built bridge across the Changgang section is restricted V-class navigation. In order to meet the navigation requirements, the main span of the bridge is 75m and the bridge span is 45+75+45m (the side of the large-numbered pile is the planned municipal road pre-plan eserved width × height of 15 × 4.5m as clearance), the bridge is 172m in length, the bridge is 12m wide, and there are 2m sidewalks on both sides. The superstructure of the bridge is made of pre-stresseded concrete variable section continuous box girder.